How to Recognise a Genuine Guru? – Part 2

Continuing our quest to identify a genuine Saint or Guru< to Recognise a Genuine Guru, we previously discussed how a true Saint would never bestow material wealth and refrains from interfering in one’s destiny. Let's explore additional indicators: Refrains from Performing

How to Recognise a Genuine Guru? – Part 1

After acknowledging the indispensability of a Guru in our spiritual journey, the next pressing question is how to recognise a genuine saint amidst the multitude of imposters masquerading as gurus. A straightforward definition of a true Saint is someone who knows God. Knowing has two

A Guide to the Three Types of Devotion

Devotion can be practised in many forms. In the Bhagavatam alone, more than thirty types of devotional practise are mentioned. Devotion simply means to attach your mind to God. Most Saints accept nine forms of devotional practice called navadha bhakti. This is precisely what Prahlad preached to his demonic classmates,

Lord Nrisimha Avatar Secrets

Among the numerous captivating anecdotes narrated by Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, one of the most quoted instances is when Lord Nrisimha descended on earth and had a conversation with His beloved devotee Prahlada. The enthralling part of the story is how a small child confronts the Lord over a boon

Maya – Friend or Foe?

In our preceding discussions, we explored the cosmic dynamics where individual souls are presented with a binary choice: the spiritual path of God or the material path of maya. Despite being fragments of divine bliss and yearning for virtuous qualities inherently, we remain veiled by ignorance and ensnared by maya&

Radha Rani: Our eternal mother

Happy Mother’s Day On Sunday, May 12, 2024, people around the world will celebrate Mother's Day, a special occasion dedicated to expressing gratitude towards mothers. While this day traditionally honours biological mothers, it also offers an opportunity to reflect on the deeper spiritual meaning of motherhood. Our